Principles for creating a great customer experience 10312021 why send employees to upskill & skill and then come back and it doesn’t work? 10302021 advertising and public relations policy copyright – nuttaputch wongreanthong | images and ar The requir skill is call curation skill. 09/14/2021 vlog one of the important skills that content marketing people will talk about quite a bit is content curation, which also has a skillset. What is it? How to practice? I came to exchange briefly in this clip.

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Share the knowlge! Skillset see more details follow the news via line at nuttaputch add friend previous article macro & micro story in brand storytelling next article curation skill – must-have skill of content marketing relat posts analyze business situations with 5c analysis 07/07/2021 how to make online training effective (and the students feel the Colombia Phone Number least bad) 08/21/2021 content for different brand / dealer / sale 10/21/2021 4 good questions to use in screen interviews to select the right person for the job 08/04/2021 principles of proportioning and posting schule in content calendar 09/17/2021 how should I develop skills for digital employees? 06/18/2021 friendly to the people who work but you don’t have to be friends with people who work. 08/09/2021 content on trend.

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Realtime content should or should not be done? 07/03/2021 follow nuttaputch subscribe to youtube latest post don’t do content if you don’t have a clear strategy. 11/14/2022 3 important points to think about before creating content 11/01/2022 4 types of value that make people want to see content 10/31/2022 latest vlog where content is not Aero Leads engagement, it may not be because of the content. 11/01/2021 principles of creating great customer experiences 10/31/2021 why send employees to upskill & skill and come back not effective? 10/30/2021 advertising and public relations policy copyright – nuttaputch wongreanthong | images and articles are copyright.

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