Next article how to rebrand without fail – gap case study relat posts when executives turn a crisis into a disaster 09/30/2020 thoughts many times, organizations encounter problems. Encounter a situation that did not fight well until it reach a level call a crisis. Whether it’s drama litigation various attacks or even intense competition agre performance of course, when encountering this people in the organization turn to look at the leaders who would lead the organization through these crises. And it has become an important task that leaders have to gain confidence and lead the organization through difficult situations.

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Well, that’s a theory we talk about a lot in leadership classes because it’s “What it should be,” but in fact, we might encounter the opposite situation. Because many leaders, instead of turning crises into opportunities, are making them worse. More and more mess up, so many times that it’s even disastrous. If we’re going to talk about making a decision then of course, that would be to say that management made the wrong decision. Choose to do something that should El Salvador Phone Number not be done. Which will lead to an even worse situation why is that? As we can see from many situations, from personal experience that I have come across. Or reading business cases it is enough to summarize the cause (worrying) as follows. 1. Overconfident being a senior executive it comes with great responsibility. But where it often comes in the form of an undercurrent that many people are unaware of is the accumulation of ego.

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More powerful being rais as a successful person someone who obeys all these things become ego siment that gradually accumulates. Until soon it becomes very high self-confidence for many people. And with this very high confidence makes many people believe that what they decide is always right (because there is rarely anyone who opposes there are Aero Leads only people who agree) until it makes me think about it. Not looking at other factors until it easily leads to wrong decisions 2. Not seeing it as a problem when we talk about any crisis, it arises from problems or mistakes. But that’s what many executives choose not to see as a problem.

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