Photograph is a rotating image that revolves around itself or that the user can rotate with his/her cursor or with a touch screen to see a product from all its angles. This type of images are generated from many high-resolution static images taken from different product positions. New call-to-action Images are the most important resource in ecommerce: if a product has no photos, it is unlikely that a customer will buy it. But that requirement seems to be evolving more and more: now online shoppers want an experience that is similar to shopping in a physical store, where they can ‘try’ the product almost as if it were in their hands.

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And observing all the details is only possible with high-quality, 360º product photos. How to create 360 product photos 360º product photos: examples and uses The most important application for 360º photography in terms of products is to improve  the customer’s experience. This type of image provides a lot more information to the buyer, it helps to Brazil Phone Number answer any questions he/she may have, and it gives the buyer a feeling of control over the decision making process in terms of whether to buy something or not. Therefore, in a world that is increasingly more digital, the best images in ecommerce will have to be better and more sophisticated.

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But these images’ usefulness goes a step further: putting effort into 360º photos for your catalog has many other uses for the company: Online shop: this is the main use, as shoppers can get a 360º view of each product from its page on the website Aero Leads or in the mobile app. Videos: this resource goes nicely with videos and is easier to prepare than a recording. Displays in shops: on screens located in physical shops or malls, 360º products instantly capture the attention of the human eye. Advertisements: this resource can help to create all types of advertising campaigns with short videos, longer videos, snippets, and banners. Product presentations.

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