Far from winning the single round that the most optimistic views predicted, Arauz finished 7 points behind Moreno. The first round in 2017 (32.7% to 39.4% of valid votes). In turn, Moreno, The candidate Correa appointed in 2017, scored 18 points less in the election than the record set by Correa himself in 2013, when he won by a landslide 57 percent in a single round. Taken together, First round shows Correismo’s worst election in a decade participate. The long interlude between the first and second rounds In the first round of the presidential election, Araoz had a clear lead over Russo in the second round with nearly 33 percent of the vote.

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The conservative candidate received 19.7 percent of the valid vote on Feb. Came in third with 19.4% of the valid vote. The key question is whether the 13-point gap between Arauz and Lasso can be overcome or, conversely. That all that remains Malaysia Phone Number is to wait for Correa’s candidate to win. Considering Ecuador’s electoral geography, Araoz’s advantage is clear Significantly. Five provinces (24) concentrated more than 60 percent of the electorate, and seven more than 70 percent. Four of the top seven provinces are on the coast, areas where Correismo has consistently enjoyed the majority of electoral support. In the first round of 2021.

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Arauz garnered sizeable votes — 37% in El Oro, his lowest percentage, and 52% in Manabí, the Correísta candidate. best provincial performance. Across all these provinces, Arauz is evenly behind each of the second-ranked candidates Both are 25 percent. As far as Lasso is concerned, he performed best among Guayas (25% or 564,000 votes) and Pichincha (26% or 437,000 votes). Guayas, including the province of Guayaquil, is the only coastal province where Aero Leads the Lasso gets a significant percentage. Pichincha (including the capital, Quito) in Sierra Leone is the only province where Laso ranks first. In the end, a fifth of Perez’s votes came from Quito and the province of Azuay, south of the Sierra. In percentage terms, its best performers were Azuai, Central Sierra Leone and Southern Amazon, more than 40%-50% (reducing the support Lasso and Moreno received in the 2017 Amazonian elections.

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