Since telecommuting and hybrid work became common practices, Employees can seem disconnect from the company and give the impression of little communication. However, they do not fail when it comes to answering emails. They always report. Their progress and carry out their actions in an honest and transparent manner. Communication. Although to a lesser degree than in person. Still fluid. The same is not true of those people who do not fit in with the team. Whether they telework or not. It is difficult to establish contact with them, the progress in their tasks is unknown, they always try to go it alone and, the fear of making mistakes, makes them tend to secrecy.

Well Defined Don’t Know

Continuous delays in the deliveries of the entire team With the inability to carry out tasks, the workload accumulates . Undoubtly, a problem that generates stress and anxiety in the person we decide to hire (wrongly). As if this weren’t problematic Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List enough, that discomfort has a knock-on effect. Today, there are few companies that do not work as a team. Which means that if one fails, they all fail . The result: no one can get their work done on time, and all ongoing projects end up being delay or, worse, cancell What to do when you realize you’ve hir the wrong person Here’s the crux of the matter, and it seems that opinions are divid.

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Corporate Goals or Perhaps

According to research carri out by Robert Half, once the hiring of dubious efficacy has been made, 40% of companies would choose to unlink the person and start a new search, while another 39% would prefer to invest time and money in their training. until turning Aero Leads it into the perfect match that it should have been from the beginning. In any case, we cannot leave the person in question adrift. It will be necessary to talk to her and explain to her, with love and respect, the current situation and assess the different alternatives together . And of course, what must be done without any doubt is a review of the selection process. Is the interview done with the appropriate methodology.

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