The importance of social mdia for B2C marketing 54% of the world’s population spends an average of 2 hours and 25 minutes every day on social networks, and more than 91% of social mdia users use smartphones to access these platforms. As the importance of social mdia in customers’ daily lives grows, marketers must leverage this key statistic. Social platforms present creative and fascinating possibilities for B2C brands, both for interacting with the target audience, and for creating deeper relationships with the brand’s customers. What are the leading marketing channels for B2C marketing ? When choosing the most effective marketing platforms for your business, you must perform the following 3 actions: This is your marketing goals and business objectives.

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Document the typical buying journey of the brand’s consumer persona. Perform an in-depth analysis of the marketing channels usd by your competitors. There are a variety of channels available for a B2C marketing strategy. The main ones: PPC content Cambodia Phone Number List actions. Contact digital marketing – the sponsord promotion on Google is the old marketing channel that continues to time and be all types of businesses. Marketing in social networks – brands nd to be present on the platforms where their customers spend time in order to intrigue them, establish contact with them and build strong relationships with them.

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In this context we emphasize that Facebook and Instagram are platforms suitable for business marketing, whose end customer is a private customer, one interestd in various consumer products such as fashion, accessories, cosmetics, jewelry, household products, personal care products, and the like. Email marketing – this is perhaps the most traditional Aero Leads marketing method compard to the methods that exist in the digital arena, but it still proves its effectiveness, especially when it comes to customer retention and nurturing the brand’s relationships with consumers.

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