Being able to reconcile is a problem that generates stress and dissatisfaction, so people in this situation will not hesitate to leave your company if they find a place with better conditions. On the contrary, when we make sure that the members of our team do not have to worry about having to prioritize life or work, the emotional stability that this generates will make them not want to go to another place. Reduce absenteeism Not having enough flexibility to reconcile, professionals have no choice but to put work aside when they have other errands to attend to in their private lives. Child care, dependent people, medical or legal issues… all of these are causes of work absenteeism.

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However, with the correct balance, personal and work life can be combined in harmony in order to cover all needs without affecting one another. Lower risk of occupational diseases Stress, Burnout Syndrome, anxiety and even depression are Anhui Mobile Phone Number List diseases that often derive from poor human talent management , driven to a large extent by the great imbalance between life and work. Working longer than you should during rest hours, not being able to enjoy digital disconnection, not having vacations… all of these are factors that affect work-life balance and are a breeding ground for the appearance of these health problems. improves performance.

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Can you imagine how not being able to rest can affect your mood? Fatigue, dissatisfaction, demotivation, bad mood… Conciliation, on the other hand, allows employees to rest for the time they need to recover their energy and go to the office with joy and Aero Leads optimism, maintaining a healthy work environment and a high level of performance with which to achieve all objectiveseconciliation, a challenge for everyone Why is it so hard for us to reconcile? ” Sons Possibly, that is the answer to the question of most people.

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