Affected by the epidemic, some companies started the remote office mode. During this period. The remote office software attracted much Sweden Phone Number attention. And Dingding once occupied the first place in the App download list. And the same type of product. Feishu under ByteDance, has also attracted much attention. This article analyzes Feishu, DingTalk and Enterprise WeChat from the aspects of strategy layer, scope layer, background function, characteristic experience, structure layer, framework layer and presentation layer, and shares them with you.


Competitors chose DingTalk and Enterprise WeChat because:

  1. Positioning: Feishu, Enterprise WeChat, and DingTalk are all super mobile office platforms that integrate IM communication, schedule management, office collaboration and tripartite applications;
  2. Volume: DingTalk and Enterprise WeChat are the top two leading mobile office products. Feishu is backed by Toutiao and is currently in a period of rapid growth;


In 2018, the scale of China’s enterprise-level SaaS market was 24.35 billion yuan. An increase of 47.9% over the previous year. As well as is expected that China’s enterprise-level SaaS market will maintain a compound annual growth rate of 39.0% in the next three years, and the overall market size will reach 65.42 billion yuan by 2021.


 be rational, and the market gradually matures

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In 2018, the number of enterprise-level SaaS financings in China dropped from 368 in the previous year to 287. As well as the popularity of the capital market decreased. Among them, the decline of business vertical SaaS is more obvious. The main reason is Sweden Phone Number that there have been several leading manufacturers in the star track represented by CRM. And the market space for new entrants has narrowed.

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In terms of financing rounds, the proportion of A round and previous financings in the SaaS industry in 2018 dropped from 64.1% in the previous year to 52.6%. The later shift in financing rounds means that the market is gradually maturing.