Key result: Increase the interaction with the candidates by RRSS by 40% Given this, you might be wondering what is the difference between a KPI and an OKR? Now let’s go with iKR vs KPI: how are they different? It is true that the KR of an OKR can be very similar to the KPIs (Key Performance Indicator). And indeed, some might consider Key Results to be a KPI itself. But actually there is a difference. When we talk about KPI’s, we are referring to the monitoring and results of a project already created at a general level. Among other things, they serve to: Monitor the state of the business. Recognize behavior patterns. Measure progress. Identify problems before they arise.

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For their part, OKRs help us define more precise and ambitious goals. In addition, unlike the KPI’s, which will always be the same over time, the OKRs vary as they are achieved. In a way, OKR and KPIs interpenetrate and by using both systems Exit Mobile Phone Numbers it is much easier to understand how our company works and what we can do to improve i. Benefits of implementing the OKR system in your company Not only Google has made it big with the use of OKR. Other big brands like Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn or Ford also use it for the development of their businesses. And, having this system has great advantages . These are some of the most interestin.

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The first, and most obvious, is that it improves the definition of objectives . They represent an excellent tool to determine the tasks of a team. They also serve to unite all areas of an organization , improving collaborative work. When employees have clear Aero Leads goals, their motivation and performance increase . It helps to align the objectives at a global level, making everyone row in the same direction, which increases the feeling of belonging and commitment . They reinforce the link between corporate objectives and the organization’s mission.

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