Bearing this in mind, it is not surprising that more and more business leaders are interest. This technique to motivate. Their collaborators and influence them in a positive way to align the objectives. The employees. With those of the organization.w Storytelling transforms the way of managing talent Let’s think about the big brands and their most remember. Advertisements. Coca-Cola, Casa Tarradelles or the well-known and award-winning advertisement for Volksvagen whose protagonist was a little boy dress as Darth Vader. Mini Darth Vader trying to use the force All these ads do not sell us a product, they sell us an experience narrat through a story. Storytelling is a way of communicating with the public, whether they are clients, collaborators.

The PROACT Method for Making

Partners or investors, Connecting with them through empathy and identification with the main character. The result of all this is highly influential messages that encourage people to fulfill what has been entrust to them. If a leader uses this Special Data technique well with his team, He will be able to create a powerful communication channel through which he will be able to manage talent effectively through motivating messages. Without the ne to give orders. Magic? No, Science. Biological foundations of this leadership and persuasion tool. To stories with which we feel identif causes areas of the brain relatto emotions to activate . When we listen to a well-construct narrative.

Special Data

Tough Decision

Responsible for creating an emotional bond between the narrator and the person listening, are activat. The brain begins to produce more cortisol. Dopamine and oxytocin , neurotransmitters that cause pleasure and improve our memory. By Aero Leads feeling identifi with what we are listening to, a neural coupling is produ that relates storytelling to our own experiences. At the level of the cerebral cortex, as the stories are relat to actions, our motor zones are activat, which prompt us to act.

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