The center must be the customer. Our commitment to infiniti in capturing and generating traffic campaigns at the point of sale focused on what we know how to do best: develop high-tech marketing that adds value by recognizing its customers. Identifying their level of satisfaction. Interests and needs to target only to the target audience. Romania phone number This is certainly the right way to go. And the new infiniti q30 exemplifies a true customer-focused statement of principles for a new type of consumer who is increasingly demanding and with a versatile lifestyle. And it is that the recipe for success in europe fits perfectly: premium compact. C-segment with traces of crossover. Wide range of engines. Spectacular design. High degree of comfort and good equipment.

What more to Romania phone number ask for? An interesting price for the access model. And this also has it. It is clear that the infiniti q30 is the result of the work of engineers. And the synergies between the various development teams. We were not mistaken with the first impression we had in this exciting meeting. Which lasted during almost 3 intensive days of work. And which was the enthusiasm and dedication that the staff. Trainers. Hostesses and the professional testing team showed in that we feel at home and we can fully discover the great work done to achieve its growth plans on a global scale and consolidate its position in europe.

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The institute of digital economy of esic. Icemd . Presented last friday the 1st study on digital competences in the company. At a time in the business history of our clearly digitized country. Studies like this become essential. Since according to joost van nispen -president of icemd-. «digital transformation is probably the most important challenge that companies face today Romania phone number . Icemd conference quantitative. In conclusion, data is lacking in this regard. And the few that are offered are not very encouraging. According to the study on digital maturity of the spanish company prepared by prodware. 46% have not yet adapted their marketing strategy to the multi-device environment.

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More than half of spanish companies are between levels 1 and 2 of the 7 stages of digital maturity established by sitecore based on the organization’s digital strategy and practice. The icemd study also yields conclusive data. Romania phone number And that is that only 19% of companies are trained for digital transformation. So it is necessary to get involved together to promote a business machinery capable of combining corporate culture. Innovation. Talent. Processes and technology for the sake. In conclusion, of the much desired digital transformation. What do we do and what do we not do? The most significant conclusions of the study have to do with the scant use of digital resources by medium-sized and large spanish companies. Digital media as necessary as apps.

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The online store or the corporate blog still require much more development. While the most implemented are the corporate website and social networks. Probably the generalization of the latter has something to do with it. Attracting and retaining customers through a digital strategy is. Romania phone number In the opinion of the managers interviewed. The most important thing with regard to digital strategy. In conclusion, But the “reality vs. Ideal” gap is still huge. Much importance translates into little implementation. The digital competence index (dci). In conclusion, extracted from this work is very low (16.3%). 73% of companies are below that average and only 19% of companies have a high kdi and are ready for digital transformation. After two years as associated collaborators. We attended the 5th convention of the spanish association of vehicle renting ” the digital era of renting “.

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