The extra benefits are a great claim, but without a doubt what will make a Centennial ‘s eyes goosebumps is the company culture. Today’s young people look for companies with strong ethics and morals, solidarity, equitable, fair, that do not tolerate discrimination of any kind . Precisely the values ​​that define this cohort and with which it is easier for them to feel identifi. To attract and retain Generation Z, companies must invest in actions that make them brands with an organizational culture committ to equality, sustainability and the environment.

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Use fast and intuitive selection processes Being a techno-dependent generation. Companies are obliged to create recruitment systems. That can be complet Georgia WhatsApp Number quickly through simple and intuitive. Web applications and, very importantly. Adaptable to smartphone format . Another recommendation is to use social such as Instagram and TikTok to advertise job offers. In this way, you will be able to get closer to Generation Z in a mium that is natural for them and, in addition, there will be more possibilities for them to share it with their friends.

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Expanding the network of objective profiles. Of course, whatever the platform in which you communicate with the candidates, communication must be fast. The GenZ lives in the immiacy, and they do not support the long processes and the waits in obtaining Aero Leads answers. Those of us who work in Human Resources know that this is sometimes very difficult, but what cannot be done is keep candidates on hold indefinitely. 3. Offer dynamic positions Younger employees have their sights set on the future. If in a year they don’t feel that they.

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