Is it possible to calculate the return on investment, in the short and long term, in a link building campaign? Are the metrics offered by the tools for their measurement reliable? Do you know how to interpret the data obtained? Which of these measuring instruments is really useful for something? Let’s see if it is possible to answer all these questions as accurately as possible… Let’s start! Measure the ROI of Link Building Calculation of ROI in link building in the long and short term Pretending to measure the ROI of link building in a few weeks is like picking pears from an elm tree. To interpret results correctly, they must be measured over the course of months or even a year or more in the future.

Domain of Authority the Only Honest Link Building Roi Metric?

In the long term, from six months onwards. The best way to study the return on investment is through the. Domain authority (da) metric. Researching traffic or ranking against the competition and comparing. Your domain authority to theirs will make get nigeria phone number you assess the roi on your link-building strategy. The da is logarithmic, this means that it is exponentially easier to go from 10 to 20 than from 80 to 90. Where a greater magnitude of effort is needed to continue increasing the da. Moving the needle takes a lot more effort to improve when you’re. Already at or near the top rather than starting from scratch.

Metrics and programs A false security

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A recent Sixtrix article delves into why certain metrics obtained, such as: Domain Authority , Authority Score and Domain Rating , offer different calculation values ​​that differ significantly from each other, so can we make reliable Aero Leads decisions based on these data? For example, Domain Authority (DA) , developed by Moz , displays a ranking score that predicts how likely a website is to rank in search engine results. Similarly, SEMrush with its composite Authority Score metric measures the overall quality of a domain. And so much of the same Ahrefs , with its Domain Rating (DR) .

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