They need to change the way they manage talent and include in their strategies a new approach based on what this generation of new employees demands: happiness, well-being, being recognized, contributing to society . Centennials want to be happy in their jobs. The payroll is important, but if they do not feel fulfilled, if the company does not provide them with that guarantee of health and well-being, they will not hesitate to say goodbye to their bosses . In the same line we find the words of Fernando Garrido , Coach specialist in Generation Z: ” Unlike the traditional salary rewards and promotions with which most of us, like our parents and grandparents, were satisfi, the recognition It is vital for these new workers to generate a sense of belonging.

A Few Grades Down

As well as for them to feel that their companies care about their health and well-being ”. Thus, we find ourselves before a dynamic, inquisitive, intellectual France WhatsApp Number and diverse generation. To reach them and achieve that long-await engagement , Human Resources departments ne to move away from the traditional and bet on innovation and originality in their processes. Personalization is very important , and must range from the first contact during the search and selection, to an adaptation of the leadership and recognition in terms of flexibility and professional development.

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The Stress Level

Tips to attract, retain and commit Generation Z to your organization Time passes, the market fluctuates and generations are renew. Those companies that wish to be sustainable over time must accept the changes and adapt to the demands of the new profiles that Aero Leads are beginning to arrive. While it is true that each person has their own identity, there is a set of factors that make an employer brand attractive to Generation Z. That said, let’s see how organizations can stand out from the competition and attract the GenZer talent…and make it last! 1. Invest in the organizational culture As we have been saying throughout this text, Generation Z is looking for more than just a job with a living wage.

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