The advantage is that being the first 100% digital native generation they are us. To using tools that will allow. Them to do the job efficiently from anywhereConclusions. Attracting and retaining Generation Z is difficult but not impossible. The most important thing that companies have to do is understand. That the labor market is changing, and that the nes of the new generations are transforming the way in which Human Resources must manage talent . Preparing the generational change is essential for the survival of a company, and only those that are prepar to accept the challenge can expect a successful future, since.

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Generation Z is made up of people who exude capacity, attitude and desire to change the world. And you, what do you think ? Leave it to me in the comments ! Did you find this article useful? ShareThe news that half of the mental health problems of Greece WhatsApp Number workers in Spain are directly relat to their work has set off alarm bells in many sectors and the concern of employees. Gone is the time when HR was solely and exclusively in charge of administrative tasks and now, one of the main objectives of this area is to ensure the well-being and psychological safety of the workforce.

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In fact, just a few weeks ago World Mental Health Day was celebrat, in which different events were held worldwide with the aim of raising awareness among Aero Leads the population about this sensitive and invisible issue that can affect us all. For our part, what can companies do for the mental health of their employees? What measures and strategies are useful to prevent the most common disorders deriv from work activity? We tell you right here. Let ‘s star.

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