Very attractive when presenting products to partners or final customers, both at physical events and via online streaming. That means blog posts, ideos, Ebsite pages, and even your sales presentations nee to be treade with caution you can take advantage of 360º photographs to extract detaile images at different angles with a very high quality, making your traditional brochures and catalogs stand out. 360 product images Why is a 360º photo better? It recreates not for buyers to regret. Know this, and instead of selling, provide educational value in your sales presentations to build. Traditional physical shopping experience. It offers a certain sense of touch, as buyers can interact with the digital product.

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It contains more information about the product. It can avoid under-expectations, rapid churn, or possibly bad reviews when they move on. In the long run, it’s best makes products easier to see from mobile Canada Phone Number devices with very small screens. It reinforces the buying experience and, therefore, the brand image. .Ecommerce 360 photography A 360º Jimmy Choo shoe model How to take a 360º product photo To get good 360º photos, you ne the same keys as in conventional photography.

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Proper equipment. Careful lighting. A high-resolution camera. Products in a good state and without small details that could bring about problems (dust, creases, etc.). To get a good 360º effect, the ideal solution is to create at least 36 product photos from different angles, although the best possible quality would ne more than 60 photos. 360 product images for Aero Leads catalogs Now let’s think about the way you take 360º photographs of products: by yourself or professionally, but still accessible for the majority of ecommerce businesses. More options for you: is a product photo or a product mockup better? Create 360º product photos yourself The effect won’t be 100% professional and if you don’t have the specializ knowlge of how to retouch photographs, images will surely contain mistakes.

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