Have you ever thought about what motivates your team ? If you’re a business leader, that’s a question you should ask yourself often. And it is that motivation is that fire that drives us to act, make decisions and carry them out. Understanding the motivations of team members is essential to being able to lead them successfully. Because if not, how will we know which levers to activate to guide them towards the objectives? For this reason, in our training sessions for companies , we use a methodology bas on Management 3.0 that helps managers to know in depth the motivations of the people they lead, and thus be able to manage them more effectively. You’d be surpris how many leaders are shock when they discover their people aren’t driven by money. For this, we use a very practical and fun tool, simple to implement, easy to understand, and with very enriching results.

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And besides, it’s free! We are talking about the game: Moving Motivators . But before going into the subject, let’s clarify a few concepts. Extrinsic Motivation vs. Intrinsic Motivation Daniel Pink explains in his book “The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us” that there are two main types of motivators: extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic motivation Dominican Republic Phone Number is one that comes from outside. Basically, they are salary, bonuses, promotions and recognition. That kind of things. Although the salary is a powerful motivator, it ceases to have an effect when our nes are already covered. In other words, once the threshold is reach where money no longer worries us, as a motivator it leaves a little to be desir. Also, using extrinsic factors can work against you . Let’s see an example: In an episode of Big Bang.

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Theory, Leonard asks Sheldon to help him answer a question he had been ask. Sheldon helps him, and in return, Leonard gives him a cookie. Later on, the same situation is presente to them again and Leonard asks for help again. This time, Sheldon Aero Leads asks first if he’s going to get another cookie, and Leonard tells him no… so Sheldon refuses to help him. What initially motivated Sheldon to collaborate, in his absence produces the opposite effect: it demotivates him! The same thing happens in companies. You just have to replace the cookies with bonuses and bonuses. Instead, intrinsic motivation is the one that comes from ourselves. According to Jurgen Appelo , promoter of Management 3.0 , it is defined as “people’s innate desire to do things well and be in control of their goals.

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