Through the answers provided by the person, we can find out aspects of their personality. Rorschach-test . Advantages and disadvantages of using projective techniques in selection processes Projective tests are a perfect complement and an added value of great value to the entire selection process. They are capable of providing a lot of personal information about the candidate being evaluated, allowing those responsible for talent management, beyond cognitive abilities, abilities and skills, to identify personality styles, work habits and motivations that indicate whether the person is the right one for the position . Thus, among its main advantages we find: Resistance to falsification of answers.

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The answers to the interview questions, psychometric tests or the same CV can be falsified or modified to give the interviewer the right impression in order to Kenya WhatsApp Number be the person select for the vacancy. However, projective techniques are much more difficult to fake, since they unconsciously provide information. Prediction of important behaviors . Being a tool that explains what the personality of the candidate is like, we will be able to predict behavior in possible scenarios and what their performance would be like, which avoids hiring conflicting employees or those who do not fit the position.

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Find the right profile . There are times when a vacancy requires not only the right skills, but also an attitude and personality to match. A sales professional and an administration professional surely have very different profiles. Thanks to projective techniques, it is easier to find those candidates who fit the desir profile. Express the potential of the worker . Knowing the personality characteristics of employees is an advantage when it comes to Aero Leads creating talent management strategies with which to get the most out of teams without negatively affecting their well-being and employee experience. However, just as there are defenders, there are also detractors of the use of these practices, who point out that this type of evaluation lacks adequate scientific.

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