Digital marketing, and especially outbound marketing, is a constantly evolving and growing field of study. Every day social network platforms and, especially, online advertising platforms, also known as online advertising , are getting new users who little by little venture into the various tools that these services offer for their brands. In addition, all these services, which have become the daily bread for all those who work in digital marketing, are improving and adding new and better tools that users need to know to improve both their online campaigns and their skills. as marketing experts. When we talk about learning or training in any branch or specialty, the first thing we think of is a school; But thanks to new technologies, many forms of learning have been opened on the Internet and new platforms that allow thousands of people around the world to learn from anywhere .

Platzi, one of the best known platforms to learn about Google Adwords

As a reference platform in online learning, Platzi becomes the first choice of Aloha! when recommending a site or platform where you can learn as much as possible about Google Adwords, or other areas of both outbound and inbound marketing . In fact, the guys from Platzi have promoted the growth of international platforms such as Airbnb, Dropbox, Rappi and Twitch, so the quality of learning everything lawyers mailing list related to Google Adwords as well as other branches such as programming, design, marketing and business is more than assured. In Platzi’s Google Adwords course we have the guide of Daniela Belén González, Co-founder of DigitalTie, an expert in digital marketing who, through 15 topics, will explain to you through videos everything related to the platform, from its beginnings, how it works , to more advanced processes such as creating remarketing campaigns , among other advanced functions.

learn with a heavyweight of digital marketing

lawyers mailing list

Another important option to consider when starting our training process. As experts in google adwords is mercatitlán, an important online learning. Platform dedicated entirely to teaching digital marketing. Juan lombana, the founder of this online Aero Leads platform, is an important figure in digital marketing. Recognized by google itself as one of the main marketers worldwide; therefore. Mercatitlán’s google ads course is a safe bet when taking your first steps in this online. Advertising service since we learn with a heavyweight in the field. “if you don’t love it, we’ll give you your money back!” under this motto. Mercatitlán ensures that its google adwords course is one of the best you can buy. To learn everything about the platform.


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