Experience and why is it so important. We can define the Candidate Experience as all those impressions and perceptions about the company that people who have appli for a job have throughout the selection process. That is, from the moment they read the offer, send their resume, do the job interview, the evaluation tests, until they are finally hir. Each stage of the process must be carefully prepar so that the candidates have the best possible image of the organization, because, otherwise, not only will we lose them along the way, but it could make future processes difficult for us. And it is that, according to a study by.

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Manpower Group, 40% of the candidates who have suffer a bad experience from an employer, recognize that they would not sign up for any Uruguay Phone Number other offer offer by the company again, and, most importantly, they would also stop being regular customers of the brand. There is no point in thinking that ” it doesn’t matter if I lose a candidate, I have others waiting ” . Because we live in a time when finding the ideal candidates is becoming a complicat task given the ne to include increasingly specializ profiles in the workforce. In this sense, we cannot ignore the power of word of mouth. When candidates are not satisfi.

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With the treatment receiv during recruitment, they will spread the word, causing a bad image of the company to be transmitt that will negatively impact the vision of consumers, shareholders, suppliers and employees . efore, from HR we must pay attention to Aero Leads each of the details that involve attracting talent if we want to improve our performance and continue to grow and meet objectives enefits of implementing a people-focus Candidate Experience There are many benefits that companies obtain when they design and implement selection processes focus on improving the experience of candidates . Higher chance of finding the right person.

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