What companies does it affect? How often should it be done? Where to register the salary record? What if I don’t comply with the regulations? We help you take care of your most important asset: PEOPLE. What is the salary record? The salary record is a document that contains all the remuneration information of your organization . It is a detailed report that provides evidence of the salary of each of the workers, including the highest positions, and differentiating by gender . As we have anticipated at the beginning, its objective is to guarantee full transparency of remuneration and record that there is no anomaly that justifies the existence of a possible wage gap. For that reason, it cannot be a top-secret document that only a select few can see. In fact, it is quite the opposite: it must be accessible to any employee who wants to take a look, in accordance with the principle of Compensation Transparency.

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The existence of the mandatory salary registry is framed within Royal Decree-Law 6/2019, March 1 , on urgent measures to guarantee equal treatment and opportunities between women and men in employment and occupation, as well as in Colombia WhatsApp Number Article 28 of the Workers’ Statute, which states that employers must pay the same for ” work of equal value “. work of equal value The employer is obliged to pay the same remuneration for the provision of work of equal value, paid directly or indirectly, and whatever its nature, wage or extra-salary, without any discrimination bas on sex in any of the elements or conditions thereof. Art. 28 ET When is one job consider to be of equal value to another.

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When two people carry out the same tasks under equal conditions: same eucational level, same effort, same performance, etc. What should the mandatory salary record include? For this report to be legally valid, it must include these key elements broken down by gender , professional category , professional group and job position : Total annual salary and gender Aero Leads gap. Annual base salary and gender gap. Annual salary supplements and gender gap. Extra-salary earnings and gender gap. Annual earnings for overtime and complementary hours and gender gap. In addition, the arithmetic mean and the median of what is actually receiv by each professional group, category, positionetc.

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