With the diversification of employment methods and career choices, flexible employment is no longer new。More and more employees are beginning to abandon fixed full-time work and instead invest in more flexible, free and flexible work。For them, there will never be a stable workplace environment. Rather than resorting to the protection of fixed contracts, it is better to strengthen oneself and use hard capabilities and qualities to win a more rewarding future for themselves。

As a technician, Ken has the need for transformation and the expectation of raising salary, hisFlexible talentStory, I believe it is useful for those who want to achieve a career detour or seek transformation for a career。The following is a conversation between Page Contracting and PC。

Can you tell us what caused you to choose to be a flexible person?

The employer who provided flexible E-Commerce Photo Editing employment opportunities. At the time relatively large, and the company was establishing a digital center. Trying to transform from traditional retail to digital retail. Since I have been engaged in the direction of infrastructure. Network or hardware, and I have always wanted to transition in the direction of digitization, I will take a shot。This transformation has also helped me broaden the scope of functions and capabilities, and can try larger and updated projects。

 So far, you have engaged in two flexible jobs. What do you think is the biggest gain?

E-Commerce Photo Editing

The biggest gain is to change my scope of functions. As mentioned earlier, the first flexible work gave me the opportunity to step into the field of digital retail industry, completed a major transformation in the industry, and the second flexible work gave me The opportunity to try to manage newer projects and complete Aero Leads personal career transformation.These two jobs have accumulated a lot of precious project experience and broadened my career path。There is also a relatively large gain in terms of salary. Every time I work upwards, there are many salary increases that are difficult to achieve by fixed full-time change jobs.

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