Transformational Leadership. We are going to tell you what it is, what its characteristics are, why it is so important and, most importantly, how to apply it in your organization. Let’s start! What you will find in this article : What is transformational leadership. The 4 elements of transformational leadership. Characteristics of the transformational leader. How to go from a traditional leader to a transformational one. Extra tips to improve your transformational leadership. Organizational design . What is transformational leadership Transformational leadership is a management style useful for guiding companies through change using innovation and creativity.

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The main characteristic of these leaders is that they influence their team members in a natural way. They are not bosses to use, they do not command, nor do they direct by giving orders. On the contrary, they place all their trust in the people around Kuwait Phone Number them . And it is this freedom that inspires employees to find the best way to move the company forward. Think of the great leaders who move the masses: Steve Jobs, Gandhi, Rosa Parks… Why did people follow them? They did not say “You, obey and pay attention to what I say.” No. They had a vision of the world and their goal was to change it for the better: either through technology or through human rights reform.

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This vision of progress, of seeking the best solutions and promoting change, is what unites people to follow the leader towards a common goal. And that is precisely what the transformational leader does within organizations. d you know that, for many experts, transformational leadership is “Authentic Leadership ” ? A bit of history about Transformational Aero Leads Leadership The concept of transformational leadership began to sound in 1973 thanks to the sociologist James V Downton, famous for his research on charismatic leadership. But it wasn’t until 1985 that this concept really gained fame. The culprit: Bernard M. Bass. His contributions further expanded the meaning of what it is to be a transformational leader.

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