Brand engagement goals now, if we continue to see what the purpose of creating brand engagement is. Why should we try to create an interaction between the customer and the brand? It will be a continuation from what has been said above that it is the creation of a brand relationship. This relationship will have the concept that is emotional connection or the feeling that customers have towards the brand. And in addition, there is also a matter of how brand engagement can build brand loyalty (brand loyalty) in the long term as well. Then this emotional connection is important.

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This is because studies have shown that customers who have a “high” affinity for a particular brand are more likely to buy more, more often, and tell others about a brand. Having said that, it will go in line with the concept of psychology that can be easily Phone Numbers in Gansu explain if anyone is “In” with something in particular. I will love it and talk about it often. That’s it. For this reason, many marketers are trying to create brand engagement to create an emotional connection between the customer and the brand on a regular basis, hoping that this emotional connection will strengthen the brand relationship. And become an important base in their own marketing so, online clicks are brand engagement or not.

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This is probably a question that gets ask a lot and seems to be misunderstood. Stay the same partly because those platforms often call the user’s “Interaction” with the platform as engagement, whether it is clicking to view photos, watching Aero Leads videos, liking, sharing, etc., and some marketers will sum it up that these interactions are brand engagement. But if you ask me to answer bluntly that’s not right. Because really we have to look at what those people are doing. “Interaction” as well, for example, is he interacting with the content that is our product or really? Just interacting with celebrity news? Appreciate the host? Like a joke.

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