That’s it for 2’s global b2020b e-commerce Oman Phone Number revenue forecast. The size of the b2b e-commerce market is growing rapidly year-on-year. But there are huge challenges here: 50% of b2b buyers tend to buy through b2c platforms. This problem? B2c e-commerce sites and businesses have grown rapidly. Far behind b2b portals. And today. They offer a richer customer experience than most b2b e-commerce portals. If you want to make it a b2b ecommerce business in 2020 . You have to adapt. Change and change quickly. We’ll show you exactly how. Step by step. Let’s dive in: Table of contents 1. Step 1: choose a niche to set up your b2b ecommerce business 2. Step 2: perform a market fit/gap analysis to see if you are solving real problems 3.  how to choose a platform and build a website 4.   proven growth strategy for growing b2b e-commerce business 4.1 how to brand as a thought leader on linkedin and generate



Table of contents

leads 4.2 how to create a steady flow of leads by Oman Phone Number automating b2b cold emails 5. Step 5: implement an experimentation/quick speed ​​test process for growth hacking Step 1: choose a niche to set up your b2b ecommerce business There is a simple and well-known saying in the marketing world: “Wealth is in the niche”. Nothing is more real than this. It’s always better to be a shark in a small pond than a whale in the ocean. This is especially true in b2b and e-commerce – focusing on a specific segment or sub-segment is much better than trying to capture all industries and markets at once. Even amazon is starting to focus on books. They spin after they grow. There are three simple factors to consider when choosing the right location for your b2b e-commerce business: 1. The notion that a lower price solves a purchase objection is a myth.

Oman Phone Number
Oman Phone Number


Choose a niche to set up your B2B ecommerce business

It should be big enough. I often meet b2b business owners who choose to build a business in a very small micro-segment selling a very small range of products. I admit – it’s easier to market your product and scale when your positioning is clear. Yes. Success is easier because competition in such micro markets is low. This problem? After a certain point. The growth tapers off. In short. If the niche market is too small. The target audience will also be small. After a certain point. You cannot grow. So. Always choose a niche that has enough room to grow. While being specific enough that you can become a well-known brand in that space. 2. Ideally. It should be profitable and non-commoditized. Imagine picking a niche for the blind. These are commoditized niches where it is difficult to build a brand or win customer loyalty through product quality as

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