Instead, during the day, it’s in the information through the messaging app. Of course, this information has enormous value that facebook knows how to reach more consumers. And that leads to the development of better target advertising services as well. 4. Reaching international groups even though facebook messenger is us by a lot of people in the us. But not with other countries in large countries like india and south america, whatsapp is very popular. This is probably the main reason why facebook is interest in whatsapp as more and more people around the world are using mobile devices to communicate and facebook wants to be a part of it as soon as possible.

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That may be 4 reasons why many people analyze (which there are dozens of reasons why I didn’t tell you) by which we have to admit that this whatsapp story may seem strange. With a country that uses line as a landslide like thailand that nowadays we rarely Australia Phone Number talk about whatsapp anymore, it will be interesting to see what facebook will do with whatsapp. Share the knowlge! Facebookwhatsapp see more details follow the news via line at nuttaputch add friends previous article 3 questions you should have answer before thinking of starting a facebook page next article collection of cool ideas of brands that stick to facebook’s.

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Look back” trend relat posts infographic reveals which social mia generates the most purchases 03/12/2014 6 skil let’s check if your facebook page is in the standard level or not? 02/22/2013 social mia marketing nowadays, having a facebook page Aero Leads is not difficult. But what many people can’t help but wonder is how high or low is our page’s quality? When going to compare with other pages I’m not sure how to compare. Quintly ‘s website , a social analytics firm, collects page statistics.

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