Socialogilvy have analyz the information of those pages explore more than 100 brand pages from around the world looking at how organic reach is impact. The latest data from february shows organic reach is only around 6%, down 49% compar to last october. On pages with more than 500,000 likes, organic reach dropp by almost 2%. Organic-reach-chart screen shot 2014-03-10 at 8.26.46 pm from this set of data, it should be a bit of a concern for any brand currently managing a facebook page, because organic reach involves a lot of things. Stories relat to digital marketing goals, for example: with less organic reach, the opportunity for people to see and interact with content is even less.

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That would have a direct effect on engagement if it were to be calculat bas on the number of fans (to put it simply, while the number of viewers decreas against the number of fans increasing). The engagement ratio will be even lower.) brands/businesses may ne to start taking paid reach seriously. Doing the same activities without the aid of mia can be much more India Phone Number difficult than before. Etc in addition from such information, it should directly affect the content strategy thinking of how to do so that people who see the content and interact as much as possible. (but still have to be in the things that are beneficial to the brand as well), which would be a challenge for content marketing people to continue.

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By Looking At Last Click As A Key

Picture from Simpartners/ share the knowlge! Facebookreach see more details follow the news via line at nuttaputch add friend previous article [salaryman tips] 39 – forget work-life balance next article change again! Facebook is preparing to change its timeline page to look like profile. Relat posts facebook upgrades page to handle messages Aero Leads more efficiently. what should marketers be aware of with faceobok reactions? 02/27/2016 updates on facebook and instagram of thai people with beauty industry 02/24/2018 3 things you should start doing to fight the facebook crisis to ruce reach 05/17/2014 not every voice should be heard. Not every advice should be follow.

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