Recently, it has been announc through a facebook blog that it will develop a system to help deal with this after complaints from various users. Facebook has categoriz the posts that are target into 3 the type is 1. Like-baiting (posts to lure people to like) I have to admit that after making a post to call likes to pump engagement, it’s a worldwide thing. Not only in thailand alone this kind of post is asking people to like, comment, share so that the post gets more engagement than it should be.

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However, when facebook survey its users, it found that these posts were only 15% associat with posts with the same level of engagement. Enjoy using facebook as it crowds out posts from other people. They are interest what facebook will do is arrange for these posts to not be shown more than other posts. However, this update will not affect pages that are already Germany Phone Number actively inviting followers to interact with them. Like-baiting-screenshot 2. Posts that are us repeatly it is true that many the content is real quality, but some facebook users report that the content is repost over and over again, and facebook considers pages that use the same content. Other let’s post by rucing the reach of these pages.

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Like spam many posts are often us to deceive users into clicking on the post before finding it to be an advertisement or a fraudulent website. These posts are just as annoying as spam to deceive users. Facebook will take over these posts as well. So Aero Leads what does it have to do with us? For sure, facebook’s measures this time should affect many pages that are trying to come up with activities or tricks to spin their own likes. We may be able to assume various effects. That we should be careful roughly have the following posting images that are likable will likely ruce your reach and may affect the organic reach of the page.

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