That is, intrinsic motivation is what has to do with our values ​​and our passions. What we do because we like to do. This type of motivation is the most powerful of all, and it is the one that companies have to promote. For this reason, when hiring new professionals, it is so important to ensure that the personal motivations of the candidates are aligned with the corporate objectives. But how do you know what motivates each person? We all have our needs and, as individuals, what motivates you may not motivate your colleagues. This is where the Moving Motivators come into play – never better said What are Moving Motivators? Moving Motivators are a motivation management methodology whose main tool is a card game in which each card represents a personal motivator.

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According to Jurgen, these are: Curiosity : I have a lot of things to investigate and think about. Honor : I feel proud that my personal values ​​are reflected in the way I work. Acceptance : The people around me approve of what I do and who I am. Mastery : My work challenges my competencies, but is still within my capabilities. Power : I have enough Ecuador Phone Number leeway to influence what happens around me. Freedom : My work and my responsibilities do not depend on others. Relationships : I have good social relationships with the people at my job. Order : There are enough rules and policies for a stable environment. Goals : My purpose is reflected in what I do.

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Status  I have a good position and recognition from the people I work with. Due to the acronym in English of these motivations, this card game is also called CHAMPFROGAs you can see, it is a set of fundamentally intrinsic values, although some of them may be a mixture of the two. Well, now that you know the cards comes the fun part: playing with Aero Leads them! Management 3.0 Moving Motivators How to use Moving Motivators This motivational introspection exercise is very simple. The first thing, of course, is to acquire the cards. You can buy them on the Management 3.0 website for €2.50, or download and print them for free. Once you have the cards, you must distribute a set to each of the team members, who must order them from left to right.

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