Search for you on LinkIn, They see an empty profile with no activityhey will surely think that it is a boring company. That it does not interact with people, That it does not add value to society, that it is not transparent or even. that it has to hide something. On the other hand. If you use the RRSS to promote your mission. Your values ​​and create content that helps to understand the why of your organization, You will not only be making it easier for the applicants to get an idea of ​​what to expect from the company, but you will also convert your corporate profiles in a powerful claim. Facilitates the enrollment process.

That You Have to Choose

A candidate experience with a guarantee of success begins from the first moment a job seeker reaches our website. And everything is laughter and joy until that person is completely lost in it . You would be surpris to know. The number of applications that companies waste because they do not have a simple and intuitive website and, Of course, Adaptable Vietnam Phone Number to mobile phones and tablets . Your corporate page should have an easily accessible career space: just one click is enough to see all the available vacancies . The registration forms also come in here (which would be enough for a separate post). And it is that nobody likes to spend half an hour completing an access profile to the offers, and then having to fill in the same data for each one of them. Remember, for a positive enrollment experience, use theISS formula : Keep It Simple, Stupid! Communicate from honesty and transparency.

Vietnam Phone Number

Involves Knowing Your Team

One of the worst things a company can do to attract talent is lie. Imagine that a person reads a job offer, Visits the company page, gets an idea of ​​what to expect, And when the time for the interview arrives, he realizes that nothing is fulfill. Establishing Aero Leads clear. Transparent and honest expectations from the beginning. The process is vital so as not to spoil. Job announcements must be written in coherence with what is expect. Then do not expect the candidate to not be surpris if what you ask for in the interview.

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