What is the secret of your success? It puts the consumer at the center of everything. Its main objective is not to make a profit, but rather its vision is to “become the most customer-centric company in the world.” The speed of shipments through its prime service Kazakhstan Phone Number is a clearly differentiating point Their customer service is exceptional, in such a way that in case of any problem, Amazon will provide an immediate solution, even sending a new product in a short period of time.

Very competitive prices It has thousands of reviews on the products

so that it is not only a marketplace, but many potential buyers go to the opinions before opting for a product. How to register as a seller? The first thing you should know to know how to sell on Amazon is that there are 2 types of seller accounts: the individual : for those people who are going to make less than 40 sales per month; in this case, only commissions are paid to Amazon for each sale. the professional: for sellers who close more than 40 sales per month; In this case, the rate is €39/month but it offers you certain advantages: you can advertise your products and use advanced sales tools.

Kazakhstan Phone Number

It is time to create your ” product listing”

by selecting your product among those already sold on Amazon; it is quite possible that your products will fit with an existing one, unless it is a unique/in-house product. In the latter case, the product must be registered in the listing. Once you have reached this point, it is essential to follow some recommendations. Upload good photos of the products and videos . The more and the better quality the better. Putting competitive prices is also very important. Do not limit yourself to putting the price that your products already have. But you should consult the rates of your competitors. Finally, decide what your products yourself or you are going to use Amazon services.

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