These are the data that marketing. In conclusion, Advertising. And media specialists must master before starting this friday: tiktok joins the fight against the coronavirus and will donate 250 million dollars; heineken released an action plan. In conclusion, to help combat covid-19 in mexico; google created a website to help process unemployment claims in the united states… and more. Tiktok the short video social network owned by bytedance is another of the digital platforms that are promoting actions to help in the current pandemic situation caused by covid-19. In the case of tiktok. It announced that it will allocate 250 million. In conclusion, dollars in financial aid in cash. According to a statement from tiktok president alex zhu. The goal is to support “frontline medical workers.

Educators. And Taiwan phone number local communities deeply affected by the global crisis. In conclusion, walmart the retailer is going through difficult times as a result of the coronavirus. However. In electronic commerce it has had a positive behavior. An example of this is walmart grocery. Its online grocery shopping app has seen a significant increase in downloads in the united states. Surpassing amazon by 20 percent. According to a new analysis by app intelligence firm app annie. The good thing is that it has gained ground in recent weeks. The bad thing is that walmart planned to disappear it to integrate it into its main app. Heineken the beer group is one of those that has. In conclusion, joined efforts to support actions to combat covid-19 in mexico. In this context.

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Heineken reported that it supports three main axes. In conclusion, it will donate 1.300 protective masks for the use and care of medical personnel; the production. In conclusion, of 130 thousand bottles of antibacterial gel. Equivalent to 90.000 liters of gel. Made from the alcohol extracted from heineken 0.0; and the. In conclusion, contribution of 650.000 cans of water to civil protection authorities of six entities in the country that will reach people in vulnerable conditions in those states during the next 3 months. Is it a good option to invest in bitcoin? Model group the company. Taiwan phone number announced in recent days that it would contribute 300.000 bottles. In conclusion, of antibacterial gel with alcohol stolen in the process of preparing corona cero to combat the spread of covid-19.

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As part of it. Is in talks with the government of.  In conclusion, city to deliver 210 thousand liters of drinking water for exclusive sanitary use per week in the most disadvantaged neighborhoods. From the country’s capital. Google the mountain view giant recently announced that it would donate $800 million to help fight the coronavirus. Now. Google is collaborating. Taiwan phone number with the new york state government to. In conclusion, create an application management portal for unemployment support. In the united states. About 17 million people lost their jobs due to the virus. Who are applying for government help. In that sense. Google says that if this project works in new york. It could provide a similar service to other states. The site is expected to go live this friday. Here are the facts that marketers.

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Advertisers and media must master before starting this thursday: apple music joins all the. In conclusion, platforms that seek to support the music industry and created a fund to give advance royalties; mcdonald’s is one of the brands that. Taiwan phone number already reflects the economic impact of the coronavirus. However. It seems that it is resisting it in a good way. In conclusion, disney + shows signs that it could catch up with netflix in a short time. Its number of subscribers skyrockets … and more. Apple music the music industry has been one of the most affected by the covid-19 coronavirus. A long list of concerts. Festivals and tours have had to be suspended. Postponed or cancelled. In response.

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