A balance that is essential to maintain our quality of life , both personally and professionally, and that is not always possible. On the one hand, the competitiveness of the current market is brutal . If we add to this the fact of a crisis that endangers jobs, people have a tendency to over-exert themselves to secure the position and climb positions, which on many occasions implies giving priority to our professional side. This, taken to the extreme, gives rise to the concept we know as Workaholic: workaholics. And, on the other, there are still companies that refuse to recognize the advantages of taking care of the well-being of their team. In these cases, talent management , far from being focused on people, does not encourage flexibility or teleworking, two key elements for reconciliation. Whatever the reason, what happens if we fail to maintain balance? That we bur.

Skills Than With Hard Skills

When we can’t enjoy our life away from work, it begins to overwhelm us, turning us into employees with a low level of satisfaction and motivation, which undoubtedly affects our performance, making it worse. And if our performance goes Changsha Mobile Phone Number List down, our productivity does too. Which means that objectives are not achiev , nor are the expect results reach. For this reason, it is so important to work on people management that makes it easier for our teams to reconcile work and personal life, contributing to their well-being and, therefore, to that of our organization. A win-win Benefits of work and family reconciliation for the company.

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It is When It is Necessary

Work-life balance is one of the factors that most influence the behavior of the workforce and, when it is capable of combining both aspects of its life, positive results are not long in coming. Increase the attraction of talent. People want to work at companies Aero Leads that value them and where their nes are taken into account, which means understanding that employees have a life outside the office. Therefore, conciliation is a powerful competitive advantage and serves as a lure to attract the best qualifi profiles. Promotes employee loyalty.

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