Therefore, if you offer the right content to the right audience. It has a high chance that you will get likes from people who see the content. But vice versa if you misunderstand who the person you are talking to is you may be upside down from the beginning that has it all. Take a simple example with assuming a page for a brand of women’s products do activities to build a fan base by contesting beautiful teenage girls until there are more than 50,000 fans, which in terms of numbers looks pretty good. But the problem is that most of the people who come to cheer or vote are men.

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That makes more than half of the page’s population male. Which after the activity ends the page then turn to make content about women, beautification, etc. The question is, will these contents be able to make men like it or not? Which is enough the Bulgaria Phone Number proportion of the page’s content performance is small if compar to competitors with the same number of fans. Each other, but with a more direct target audience base 2. People liking a page doesn’t mean “Pleasure” the brand (why would they care about your content?) the problem I often face when talking to many clients is asking why brand content isn’t being lik at all.

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Or get very few likes in this regard, I think if we really look back on our daily lives, how many brands do we want to like when we see product advertisements? How often do we press like for product images that are detergents and shampoos? It’s Aero Leads not that the presentation of brand content such as product images cannot be call like. But marketers ne to understand that there are many levels of consumer relationships with brands. Available from true fan level people who are in love with the brand, people who are interest, people who are indifferent (but press it in case there is a promotion), etc.

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