The algorithms understand that you like certain subjects. And start to consider those subjects relevant to you. But have content similar to what you’re looking for. How does this happen? From the algorithms! Your google searches. For example. Relate to what you want to see. And from there. Youtube suggests videos with these newly researched subjects. In short. According to the behavior of each user.

It is estimated that the largest algorithm in the world is the multiplication algorithm . And after it google’s. Which was created in 1998 and called pagerank. With a total of more than 60 million indexed pages. What is the youtube algorithm? The youtube algorithm is responsible not only for organizing and filtering content.

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How does youtube suggest videos? It’s common for youtube to suggest and deliver video recommendations from channels you don’t follow. But also ensuring Accounting Directors Email Lists that its user receives relevant videos according to what they search and like. Each algorithm is responsible for a task. For example homepage. Search results and suggested videos. Knowing how to use algorithms makes your content have better chances of reaching.

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Niche and the theme he has chosen for his first video is “the best games of 2022”. Notice that the niche and the theme are married! After choosing a topic. You will research everything about it and then put together a script for your video. When everything is ready. It’s recording time. To record a quality video. You need good scenery. Good lighting. Quality cameras and microphone.

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How to change youtube algorithm and be remarkable on the platform? There are some steps to follow if you want to change the algorithms responsible for all content delivery. And master them in your favor! We already know that youtube algorithms use some data to perform the report of each user. Relating metrics with performance data. Impressions and views data are considered. In which case the thumbnail and title of your video are very important.

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