To master something and know how to apply it, you must first fully understand. It and this applies perfectly to the world of marketing. Despite the advances it has had, and continues to have. Marketing has basics that you must understand if you want to develop an adequate. Strategy for the needs and objectives of your company. In this article we will talk about what marketing is and why it is so important today. What is marketing. When we talk about what marketing is, we refer to all the efforts that are made. With the purpose of selling, that is, all the actions that are carried out before. During and after, designed to capture the attention of potential consumers. Get them to carry out an investment (preferably constant) in the brand that. Works and that they remain satisfied with their. Consumption, so that customer loyalty is made.

The Importance of Marketing and the Art of Knowing How to Sell

Having a marketing plan is essential to be able to attract a clientele and make yourself known in the market. Currently, the public is overwhelmed with the launch of new brands, innovative products and a constant bombardment of advertising wherever they look, the streets full of billboards, repetitive commercials and ads that invade social networks, encouraging them to try a new product. In order to buy a korean phone number stand out, it is necessary to use the positive tools and practices that marketing has to be able to study the market area that you want to dominate, investigate who your buyer personas are, to know how you are going to address them-from the right words to the tone. -. It is necessary to ‘think outside the box’, be creative and innovate, to develop relevance and authority in a field.

The 4 P’s of Marketing

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Marketing has many elements that must be considered when you want to develop any strategy, but there is an idea that was popularized in 1950 on the concept of the marketing mix or marketing mix, which has characteristics called Aero Leads the 4 P’s of marketing, which in a few words we could say are essential pillars to consider when looking to offer something new to a target audience. Product As the name says, this refers to the physical service or product that the brand seeks to sell. At this point, it must be clear what is the need that the product covers, its attributes, the idea behind the material good (if it is the case of a physical object), the benefits it provides or the problems to which it provides a solution.

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