An al ytics banne rdigit al facebook marketingm easureadvert see more details follow the news via line at nuttaputch add friend previous article update to know about the pulse of various brands in the hearts of thai people from y&r next article as suarez and messi go from best friends to rivals in gatorade’s latest campaign relat posts the 5c framework for modern (and future) marketing from unilever’s cmo 10/29/2017 why is creating content on facebook today not as popular as before? 11/24/2015 the terrible effects of facebook pumping that many brands may not be aware of yet. 07/13/2014 facebook adds new features for. page owners to post more efficiently.

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Digital marketing trends 2013 you should know – integrat digital marketing 01/06/2013 the content success formula – how to make content (viral) “effective” 03/08/2018 are we focusing too much on key message & key visual in online? 11/16/2016 digital Exit Phone Number marketing is not just buying online mia or opening facebook. 01/04/2016 million likes and what do you get for business? 09/27/2012 marketingsocial mia marketing in the modern era it cannot be deni that facebook is probably the social mia (social mia) that has the most users. Especially in thailand, there are already more than 16 million users (according to the website .Socialbaker – 27 august 2012) and with the amount of users this much.

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It is therefore not surprising that the brands who aims to walk the digital marketing strategy in their own plan you must also jump into facebook. One of facebook’s most popular tools that is widely discuss by digital journalists is probably not the facebook page, which is like a brand space that can create a channel to disseminate brand information Aero Leads to fans (fan). Who come to like their own page because when users like the brand’s page every time the brand updates the news on the wall page, whether it is posting messages, photos or videos. The post will automatically be updat on the fan page’s news fe.

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