To make the decision. Given the great variety that exists in the market. The first thing is to make sure that it will help us meet our marketing objectives. 2. Develop an opt-in process the way of collecting email addresses has changed radically since a little over a year ago. Panama phone number The rgpg . Or regulation (eu) 2016/679 of the european parliament and of the council. Is a regulation that came into force in europe in may 2018 and is intended to protect the personal data of consumers. Including their emails. In essence. What it is looking for is that the user must go through a process called “opt-in” by which they must give consent in the form of a positive action in order to use their contact information and send emailing campaigns.

Therefore. When Panama phone number designing the registration forms. It is essential to know all the uses that you are going to give to the data that you are collecting. 3. Segment in order to get a greater impact from your email marketing. You must start by knowing your audience to establish segments. It is possible to divide the campaigns by email marketing groups by: age. City where they live. Interests. Among others. Depending on the segmentation strategy for each organization. Segmenting with appropriate criteria and designing valuable content for each group are essential elements to obtain better metrics and much more effective campaigns.

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Apply the 3 v technique visibility. Value and speed are three qualities that we must take into account in two key moments of the strategy: during email registration: you must analyze if the cta is evident and if it is located on the main pages and the product or service pages. The value is knowing how to explain to the user the benefit of leaving their email. Panama phone number Complying with the latest v for speed is to make the entire subscription process as fast as possible with simple forms without excessive steps. During the drop: the three commandments to unsubscribe are: you will make the option to unsubscribe from your mailings clearly visible.

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You will facilitate the process and. Finally. You will offer the user the possibility of changing preferences. Such as modifying their registration email or the frequency of shipments. The 3 commandments of the unsubscribe process are: you will make the option clearly visible. Panama phone number You will make this process quick and immediate. And you will offer the option to modify the preferences. 5. Personalize before launching the email marketing campaign. You must answer these questions: who is the target audience? What motivates them? Why is they interested? And how do you buy? Remember that the more you know your audience.

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The better you will focus the campaign. It is also recommended to personalize the shipments with the recipient’s name since it has been shown to boost the opening rate. Clicks and conversion rates. You should also know. Panama phone number that there are customization options called dynamic personalization. Which allows you to offer your recipients different products according to their preferences. 6. Try a/b testing this type of technique is essential to make a professional email marketing campaign. It is about being able to test with a different variable in each test on a subset of emails and. Depending on the results obtained.

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