Faced with complex situations, they tend to collapse, as they tend to be emotionally linked to their environment. Unlike Fire, Water style people are not direct in their communication. They think things through a lot before saying them, as they are terrified of offending or hurting the feelings of others. And they also don’t understand how other people are capable of doing it. Air: Connect with other people Finally, Air people are emotional and active. Curious, expressive, they always want to learn new things. Although they are direct people, their style is more emotional. Therefore, when faced with a conflict, the first thing they will do is sink, and then overreact and rush into their decisions.

What is Team Building

They have a fairly high level of demand, and that is why Air people are motivat to do things brilliantly, standing out from the rest. As a result, they also Kazakhstan Phone Number like to be valu for it and receive recognition and praise for their contributions. Dispersed by nature, don’t be surpris if you catch them “thinking about the shrews” more than once. They are also very visual and conceptual people, they hate details, rules and procedures and they hate routine, because they find it boring. Have you identifi with any of the styles.

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Benefits of Team Building

How to behave with each relational style As you can see, each style has its qualities and peculiarities, just like all people. Identifying these differences and knowing how to behave with each relational style will make our communication much more effective, making Aero Leads our messages arrive solidly. And the same in reverse. Understanding how they are addressing us makes us better interpret the speech , avoiding confrontations and misunderstandings.So the next time you meet a Fire, remember: it’s not ge with you, it’s their way of relating. Well, let ‘s see how we can be more effective with each relational style of the Bridge Method.

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