Times more friends than the average person. A story about emotions and feelings. Including controversy tends to get 2-3 times as much attention as usual. Crit s://boostlikes share the knowlge! Facebookstatistics see more details things that might make you think facebook is worth buying whatsapp 02/20/2014 technology facebook’s $19 billion acquisition of whatsapp has caus quite a stir in the it industry. With a huge sum of money compar to a company with around $60 million in capital, it’s no surprise that many people think facebook paid for it. Is it too much to be true? (when facebook bought instagram, it was still only $ 1 billion.) however, many analysts have question whether it really is.

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An it’s a worthwhile deal for facebook, as karan girotra and serguei netessine analyz in the harvard business review blog , which I’m going to translate for you to think about. In the view of karan girotra and serguei netessine, he views what facebook buys UK Phone Number as four things. 1. A group of young servants whatsapp currently has 450 million active users in five years, with 70% of them being active every day. That’s more than what facebook has done in five years, and more than 10 times what twitter or skype have. It’s not a lot of income, and they may already be on facebook.

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However, this group of people is likely to be a group that facebook is also worri about losing. 2. New business what differs from other internet services that focus on free and paid advertising is that whatsapp has a business model of $0.99 after 1 year Aero Leads of use with the promise of no ads or usage. User data to earn money the acquisition of facebook may be what gives facebook a better understanding of its business model and how it can be successful in order to use it for itself in the future. 3. Extension of the existing business nowadays whatsapp messaging volume is close to global sms traffic while facebook is the main mium for updating life events.

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