Founded in 2014 by a digital pioneer in France. Webforce3 is a network of 50 schools and apprentice training centers. (cfa) which trains work-study learners in digital professions. A sector in need of talent and which recruits. Baccalaureate to bac+3 level, allow you to learn how to become a web and mobile. Web developer digital marketing web designer, cybersecurity-oriented systems and network technician. Or computer assistance technician. They are open to everyone.With no prerequisites and aim to meet the demands of companies wishing to strengthen their digital. In general, the work-study program. Is very suitable for learning a trade because it combines. Theoretical, practical and first professional experience. The work-study program. Also brings a professional level and a corporate culture to the candidates. Because the objective of webforce3 is to train and give access to the business. World to 5,000 apprentices within 3 years to help fill the 80,000.

Intensive training to acquire operational skills

Unlike in other fields, a beginner apprentice brings little to the company in the first months. To remedy this, the network of schools offers Kuwait Phone Number work-study students intensive training for 3.5 months, in order to provide them with a solid base of know-how. Then, for 5 months, the rhythm is one week at school and three weeks in business followed by 3 months in complete immersion. We have adapted our work-study format to the skills needs of companies to allow learners to arrive in the host structure with quickly operational technical skills. They thus bring added value to them. This format is also advantageous for companies since learners spend more time there than in the training centers.

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An innovative pedagogy to train work-study students

To train its learners, WebForce3 relies on on innovative pedagogy, based on “blended learning”, and adapted to work-study training for digital professions. Face-to-face courses, led by Aero Leads professional trainers, focused on practice for 90% of the courses and project pedagogy, are offered. “ Our programs are carried out in partnership with companies and the needs of the field. This is important since technologies and practices evolve very quickly.

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