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A drop of 8.1%, less sharp than after the 2008 crisis

According to this study, global advertising investments will drop by 8.1%, or $49.6 billion. Despite Latvia Phone Number these figures, the impact of the 2020 crisis linked to the coronavirus should be less strong than in 2009, in the aftermath of the financial crisis, which had experienced a drop of 12.7%. The study puts forward a few avenues to explain this less significant withdrawal than expected: the approach of the American presidential elections, more solid results during the 1st quarter of 2020, despite the context of the start of the pandemic, and an advertising sector in line which benefits from the performance linked to e-commerce. While advertising spending should be reduced by 12.2% in Europe, France is among the worst performers (-18.7%), just behind Italy (-21.7%), and ahead of the trio made up of the United Kingdom (-16.4%), Russia (-12.3%) and Germany (-6.1%).

Online advertising is doing well, with Google and Facebook in the lead

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The Internet advertising sector will see moderate growth in 2020, up slightly by 0.6% globally, with an estimated shortfall of $36.5 billion. Although growth will nevertheless be weaker than expected, it is social networks that should do well, with an increase of 9.8%, ahead of video (+5%) and online Aero Leads search (+0.9). %). Recruitment advertising should experience a strong decline of -10.3%. Photo credits: WARC Data. Alphabet should thus register a slight increase of +1.6% to 137.1 billion dollars, instead of the +10.4% expected, i.e. an estimated decline of -12.9 billion dollars.

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