The company was established on September 1, 2020, and it is 8 dimensions talk almost 3 months as of today.

In the past 3 months, 4 places have been moved, from the 8 dimensions talk  initial 2 people to the current 8 people. The second version of the product is expected to be launched next Tuesday. As a person, I will talk about the gains and losses during this period.

From the current point of view, the entrepreneurial experience is sexy, happy, exciting. And also 8 dimensions talk anxious. In the future life coordinates, I believe this experience is unforgettable and worth remembering..

About Entrepreneurship

Starting a business is very similar to being an internet celebrity to a certain extent. The probability of being out of the circle is very small. It looks bright and beautiful on the outside. .

There is another point that is very similar. One batch falls 8 dimensions talk down and the next batch goes up. They all feel that they can make money, but they all lose money in the end. Why does this happen?

Part of the reason is that I have been brainwashed by good stories from the outside world; part of the reason is that I think I can make it. The successful companies we have come into Afghanistan Phone Number contact with have all raised funds or are on the way to go public, but the fallen companies can build a human flesh bridge at least twice around the world, and ordinary people are generally the target of human flesh bridges.

Although starting a business is very risky, the risk is relatively small compared to pure part-time work. As long as entrepreneurship is not blindly inflated, the risks are actually controllable. As long as you find opportunities, pull a group of brothers, and define the time period and stop loss line, you can start working.

How to spot opportunities

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There are two ways to find opportunities in the entrepreneurial process. The first is to discover major trends and opportunities through macro data, and then invest in people and investment sources. The final outcome is either a big success, or a few years of making money and then the team disbanding.

This discovery of big opportunities requires the ability to be either an expert in a field or very sensitive to data, trends and policies. And there is a risk in this big opportunity, that is, when you run out of the business model, there will be giants who frantically spend resources and clean up the battlefield.

For example, the mobile phone market is a typical case. If the founder of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, is not an unknown junior, then Xiaomi will become a hammer. This kind of opportunity is not an opportunity for most entrepreneurs.

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