At the end of this program, you will be able to reference your website in various search engines. An introduction to SEA and Search Engine Marketing is possible, depending on the time available. Duration: 7 hours Public admitted: current employee. Job seeker or company Price: €700, not eligible CPF I get free information about this training. SEO natural referencing Formasuite offers this distance training over 2 days. The objectives: diagnose your website, and develop it. An SEO strategy that you can put into practice after the training. master. The techniques of natural referencing, the basics of semantics, and content marketing. After that, You can customize the program. According to your expectations. No prerequisites are required to follow this training. which delivers Datadock and ISQ-OPQF certifications.

Immersed in the emblematic professions of digital transformation

professions currently sought South Africa Phone Number by companies in this sector of activity, which guarantees very high employability. Above all, The consultants carry out missions of one to three weeks. Their objective is to set up a digital strategy according to the needs of companies analyzed by Jean-Philippe Timsit. For this type of job, students who choose this path must be able to adapt to constantly changing situations. People in this profession have already acquired skills in tech such as engineers or business school graduates’ code. In other words, The opportunities are numerous: the industrial sector and electronics. Most importantly, IT and all types of services developing tools related to data.

Marketing product manager and digital transformation project manager

South Africa Phone Number

Profiles from scientific or social science backgrounds wishing to train in marketing. Can move towards the function of a product manager or project manager in digital transformation. Therefore, To be able to exercise this skill in a business context, he needs to learn specific marketing vocabulary. Above all, These Aero Leads profiles will be called upon by companies that are in the process of being transformed to help modernize the function within the structure underlines the director of the Masters. Creative technologist and digital evangelist Other professions are sought after by companies that have already undergone their digital transformation.

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